Plasma Cutter – AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s Budget

Plasma Cutter –  AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s – Budget

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High-rated yet affordable 110V plasma cutters in the market

If you are into plasma cutting as a new person or as a professional there are several variants or points you must know before you purchase a standard quality plasma cutter. There are confusions over the fact to decide which plasma cutter one must purchase and which suits the best according to the user’s needs. Fabricator manufactures or DIY users often consider hand-held plasma cutters as the best ones and never return to use the mechanical ones. But for the ones who are not sure what plasma cutting is, no worries I got your back.

Yes welder non-touch pilot arc cutter is a very famous and good quality 110V plasma cutter. The affordability rate for this 110V plasma cutter is considerably low which makes it a further good choice. The best part of this plasma cutter is that it has a non-touch technology system embedded within which allows the user to cut through the rough surface without the need to generate a large amount of recruitment. It also helps to preserve the nozzle therefore n0o need to worry about the maintenance of it. A 110V plasma cutter works well with dual voltage which allows it to make cuts through every metal smoothly.

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With emerging new technology and brilliant ideas, it often becomes a tricky task to opt for a good and standard quality 110V plasma cutter. As a new beginner, it becomes even more difficult so in this article we have put forward the basic considerations or features one must look into before buying a plasma cutter. Let’s get started.


Major Features of 110v Plasma Cutters are as following:


  • Basic Material: Plasma

As 110V plasma cutters denoted with the name, they have pure Plasma that is high-temperature gas with the least potential to cut electrically conductive materials such as stainless steel or brass. When we electrically heat the gas to high temperatures a plasma arc is formed which is typically a group of ionized atom particles. An electrode is centrally placed which allows the gas to spin around it through a plasma arc torch.


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Therefore as gas spins over the electrode heat is generated in the chamber at high temperatures thus creating plasma. Plasma can expand and heat a localized area or portion. It has a great concentration which allows it to cut through electricity conductive materials.
However, with oxyacetylene the level or volume and concentration is poor and it cuts aluminum or steel poorly, therefore, the highly recommended [procedure for cutting is plasma cutting.

⦁ Provide best and fastest cutting technique:

Once you have chosen the type of plasma cutter the next important thing is to learn how to operate with it.

Firstly slog armor over the edge of the metal to work on and make an arc straight down to it. Now up high the trigger and start the machine as a result a pilot arc is created at once. This way the pilot arc forms and then it moves through the metal slowly and smoothly. You can adjust the speed according to the material used. Once the cut is made you can angle the torch towards the corner of the material used.

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  •  Duty cycle

Well, the duty cycle is considered the most important feature while purchasing a good-quality plasma cutter. The duty cycle depends on two further considerations. If a user uses a 110V plasma cutter for a short duration of time but regularly then it is best to buy a plasma cutter with high amperage output but if a user decides to use the plasma cutter for longer periods then the choice of selection depends on the materials that are subjected for cutting.

  •  Input power

The next important thing to consider is the input power. A plasma cutter works best with two outlet power, 110V or 220V Volts to be exact so it is ideal to buy a plasma cutter that can work efficiently with minimum amperage which in return works well with the electrical outlet provided. Also while working with a plasma cutter plug into a separate circuit.

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  •  Cutting speed
  • The cutting speed of the 110v plasma cutter is another essential factor one must look into while
  • purchasing a plasma cutter. There are three types of cut
  • For a high-quality cut Rated cut is the topmost priority. It works best when the material used for
  • cutting is relatively thin.  
  • While cutting thick materials such as steel then it is best to use Quality cut plasma cutters.
  • The next type of cut is referred to as a severe cut which can cut through really thick materials but
  • the quality and speed of cutting, in this case, are slow.


  • Start

Another point to consider that 110v plasma cutter has is the choice of start. As with every plasma cutter, there are two types of contact start and frequency start. When we plug or use a plasma cutter near electronic devices a plasma cutter with a high level of frequency is likely to create interventions however with contact start things run smooth with no interference and a clear pilot arc is formed.

  • Air supply

If you are using a handheld plasma cutter then air is fine to work with but with portable plasma cutters bottled up nitrogen is a good option. Not to forget that if you are cutting thin materials then an in-built air compressor is necessary as it reduces the weight of the plasma cutter.

Other notable Features of 110V plasma cutter are including:

  •  The components used in this plasma cutter are of standard quality and no need for polishing
  •  The cut made with a 110V plasma cutter is smooth and neat.
  •  The plasma cutter has a handheld handle and an LED display light for convenience.
  •  The cutter works well with Alloy steel, stainless steel, or Mild steel.
  •  It provides an optimal thickness of approximately 10mm
  •  It works automatically with an inbuilt non-touch system in it
  •  It works well overpower voltage of 110 to 220V

After reading the above-mentioned Features, you will get to know the idea of 110v Plasma Cutters. All the information will help you to select the right size of the cutter. Now, after the features of the cutter, let’s check out the benefits of using 110v Plasma Cutter.

Benefits of using an 110v Plasma Cutter:

  •  After using the 110v plasma cutting, you will get the following advantages:
  •  A smooth and low-cost cut is made
  •  Any material that is a good conductor of electricity can go through the process of plasma cutting.
  •  There is no need to create a preheated cycle of the chamber before the process
  •  Great transferability is offered through the procedure
  •  Apart from cutting plasma unit can help with the creation of bevels, cut holes, or trace shapes
  •  The plasma cutting helps to create a cut with a small cut width
  •  Moreover, it will help you to get the perfect cut every time without wasting extra time on rough 
  •  cutting edges and planes.

Pros and Cons:

Nothing is perfect in this world and we know this fact but we try to create and manufacture things that can give maximum utility to human. 110v Plasma Cutter is one of the effort that manufacture made to provide the effortless results but stills it has some pros and cons that you must check. Here they are:


  • The plasma cutter is affordable
  •  Has inbuilt non-touch system within it
  •  A lot of power is present within it
  •  It works over the air compression principle
  •  Works over dual voltage capacity
  •  Comes with inverter technology
  •  Lightweight and portability are present
  •  Has a detailed manual to guide beginners


  •  The con reported by the users so far that the display might have been a little      large to operate well.
  •  Some customer complaint about late delivery which is not considers as manufacturing fault but we take it as a con for sure.


Q1.  Does plasma cutter required shop air?

It depends on the thickness of the material that need to cut and the shop air is commonly used in low current cutters or some plasma cutters has built-in compressor so they don’t require it.

Q2.  Which type of gas is best for plasma cutter?

There are different types of gas that are using in the plasma cutter including:

  •  Shop gas
  •  Multi-gas (dual gas) etc.

Q3.  What can 110v plasma cutter cut through?

The 110v plasma cutter can cut through an electrically conductive stuff or material that are: 

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum 
  • Copper
  • Brass and many other conductive metal materials


Either you are a newbie or a professional in this field your grip and know-how about the plasma cutter are very important. Because if you know how well you can work with it you will be able to finish off all the tasks with it. Also, the types and considerations before opting for a plasma cutter are discussed above so make sure you have the idea about it all.