Plasma Cutter – AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s Budget

Plasma Cutter –  AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s – Budget

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Best plasma cutter with an in-built compressor

Plasma cutters have been in since day one. To be more exact the first plasma cutter was invented in the year 1950s during the second world war. Till now many new and different plasma cutters are available in the market. And one of the advanced features in the manufacture of in-built compressors within the plasma cutter. Though it is not easy to simply build the compressor inside, the creator needs to look into the size, quality, and price to create something revolutionary.

Well in this article we have jotted down the top five best plasma cutters with in-built compressors.


Best plasma cutter with an in-built compressor


1.      Hypertherm powermax plasma cutter


Hypertherm Powermax30
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This is an amazingly well option for the ones who are looking for something lighter in weight and with an in-built compressor. The Hypertherm powermax plasma cutter is affordable and the weight is very light due to which it can be shifted from one corner to another. The plasma cutter is used by a lot of people both at their workshops and at their garage for fulfilling ordinary small jobs in your garage. The Hypertherm powermax plasma cutter has the potential to make fine and smooth cuts both involving thick sheets of steel and thin sheets as well.

The cuts are made with fine work and no hassle is being reported with Hypertherm plasma cutters. So, these features make it a welcoming option for people who want to make the best use of it both at the home garage and at their workplace.


  • The plasma cutters have an in-built compressor
  • Affordable to buy
  • Can make fine cuts without hassle
  • Lighter in weight
  • The torch length is sufficient to be pulled at longer distances


  • Due to continuous and prolonged use, the inner valve can leak and destroy the machine
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2.      Hobart airforce plasma cutter


Metal cutting machine

Another best plasma cutter with in-built compressors belongs to a well-known company known as Hobart airforce. The Hobart airforce 12ci plasma cutter belongs to this company and yet again comes with the in-built air compressor. Not only this the plasma cutter is light in weight and can be picked up easily and moved from one location to another.

The advantage of being lighter in weight makes it easy to be used at both the workplace and at your home garage for completing the basics. The cutting speed and capacity is moderate as it can severely cut at a maximum of one by four inches. The torch length is 12, pretty long to be moved and to finish off the lengthy works.


  • The Plasma Cutter Has A Good Quality Air Compressor Within It
  • The Hobart Company Comes With A Three-Year Warranty So In Case Of Issues You Can Switch It
  • The Parts Of This Plasma Cutter Are Of Good And Excellent Quality
  • With This Plasma Cutter, You Can Expect Pilot Arc Start Affordable


  • The Plasma Cutter Has Less Cutting Capacity It Has A Capacity Of A Single 12-Amp Voltage
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3.      Mophorn 40amp plasma cutter


Plasma cutter



Moving to another prime choice for users who want to obtain a plasma cutter that has both low price and an in-built air compressor then there’s no chance of missing this one, the mophorn plasma cutter. The best features of this great plasma cutter are that it makes a fine cut and has the potential to cut 12” steel without the need for a separate compressor. Yes, that’s right.

The next great option is that the torch length is 15 inches therefore you can complete the complex tasks that require the plasma cutter to move from one place to another. The feature not appreciated is that the quality of the products is not up to the standards.


  • Comes with an in-built compressor at a low price
  • The torch length is extended up to 15 inches
  • The plasma cutter can cut 12” steel for sure without the separate need of a compressor
  • Can be used by users at their home garages or the workshops


  • The quality of the products is not appreciated, and replacement becomes tricky
  • The plasma cutter exhibits touch start
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4.      Thermal arc plasma cutter


Thermal Arc 1-1110-1 Air Cut Plasma System



Another emerging brand whose plasma cutters are purchased is the thermal arc brand. We have placed on number four because the price as compared to the features it provides is not very impressive. The price is moderate, not too high, and not too low. The features that are well appreciated are that the plasma cutter makes a fine cut over a thin or thinner steel plate.

Cutting off one by 8-inch steel plate and next to amazing feature is that the torch length is 20 inches long as compared to the ones listed above. But the quality or standards of the parts is not very impressive and the company is new with an offer of a one-year warranty.


  • Thermal arc plasma cutter price is moderate so the ones who are willing to spend an extra one buck can opt for it
  • Makes a fine cut with thin or thinner steel plate
  • The torch length is 20 inches longest of all to tick the complex work


  • For the ones who are looking for a low price, this one doesn’t suit them
  • Cannot be used over thick steel plates
  • The company offers only a one-year warranty
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5.      Forney plasma cutter


Metal cutting machine



Moving to the next option that has an in-built air compressor is from the oForney brand. Though the brand is emerging, and people are using it because of its few great features. The plasma cutter of forneys can be used at minor workshops or household garages.

The feature admired most is that it has a torch starter but to let the arc start you have to give it a few seconds to start working. Also, before it becomes hot enough to cut it takes time, but these are not a big deal. The length of the torch or cord is 15 inches, moderate enough to be extended from one location to another. Not to forget the company offers approximately 3 to 5 years of warranty.


  • Comes with touch arc technology for efficient working conditions
  • The price is under the budget
  • The length of the cord is moderate and can be extended
  • Forney’s company offer 3 or 5 years of warranty


  • The weight of the plasma cutter is a lot approximately 40 pounds
  • Cannot be used for professional use
  • You have to wait for the machine to get started with cutting work.
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Buying guide

The points to look for while opting for a standard quality plasma cutter are listed below. So, let’s take a look at the basic points.

  • Power

We all know that there’s no such plasma cutter that works under the title of underpowered. The plasma cutter needs the power to work efficiently. A plasma cutter that is not lightweight and can work with a voltage of 220V can easily generate 20amps of sufficient output power to make fine cuts with thick steel plates. But if you are willing to work with a lighter plasma cutter that can work with 110V then you can use this for thin steel.

  • Duty cycle rating

The duty cycle is another great option to consider and one of the most important aspects to look forward to. We know very well that every plasma cutter works for three minutes and then slows down to get the energy boost up to start cutting again. There are two essential duty cycles reviewed. With a 30% duty cycle, you can work or generate up to 15amp of energy, and with a 60% duty cycle the amp increases. So, you can purchase accordingly to know which suits you best.

  • Accessibility and ease of use  

The essentials must involve that the torch cord must have a length of 13 to 15 inches which allows work to be done at extended lengths. The torch or cord length is important for ticking complex work procedures. The plasma cutters must have other features like a digital panel to use indicators and an in-built air dryer or regulators to make the work process easy.


Q1. The use of a torch with sufficient length is important?

The length of the torch or cord must be within the range of 12 to 15 inches so that all the extended and complex procedures are completed without much hassle or problem.

Q2. Can we use plasma cutters to cut wood?

We all know the theory that plasma cutters are essential in cutting materials or metal that are good conductors of electricity hence wood or plastic are not conductors of electricity so plasma cutters cannot cut them.

Q3. Do we have to use gas for the plasma cutter?

Yes, compressed air is essentially used for plasma cutters to cut in the range of thickness of 1 inch to be exact.


Wrapping up, plasma cutters are a necessity nowadays as they can be used to cut metals at workshops or household garages as well. An in-built air compressor within the plasma cutter makes things much easier and that too under the pocket.