Plasma Cutter – AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s Budget

Plasma Cutter –  AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s – Budget

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Best Plasma cutters under 1000 dollars- Let’s take a look!

In this modern era, welding has become an important part of the everyday day-to-day routine life of every individual or folk. But for welding or cutting the fabricator needs to buy a plasma cutter that is essential and effective in its work. Different types of plasma cutters are cost-effective and great at work. Plasma cutters are great at their productivity skill and do not need much cleaning or maintenance. In this article, we are going to discuss the best plasma cutters that range under 1000 dollars.


Best plasma cutters under 1000 dollars


1.       Eastwood versa Amp plasma cutter


Plasma cutter

The Eastwood plasma cutter is an extremely versatile option for fabricators or folks who are willing to use it at home for their projects. This high-power machine is of course affordable and costs just under 1000 dollars. The best feature of this plasma cutter is that it has a 50-foot torch connection that allows every worker to roam around and work efficiently with the plasma cutting machine.

Also, the Eastwood plasma cutter utilizes 240V input power with 50 Amp power. Not to forget the plasma cutter comes with an in-built water separator. But this machine works over high frequency which causes disturbance when used with other electronics such as a smartphone. The machine has a 3-year great warranty and also works over 30 days return money policy as well.


  • The weight of the plasma cutter is only 45 pounds making it very lightweight
  • Standard type consumables that are readily accessible
  • comes with a 30 days money return policy
  • Has an in-built internal water separator


  • High-frequency arc causes interferences and not suitable for CNC plasma tables
  • 50 amp cannot be used with DIY workshops
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2.        Yeswelder plasma cutter CUT 5DDS


Plasma cutter machine


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Another high-power plasma cutting machine is a welder plasma cutter machine. The machine is affordable and can be purchased for under 1000 dollars. The machine is easily accessible and comes with an AG60 torch that is not only convenient but is excellent for cutting and makes a generously smooth cut. Another amazing feature of this machine is a standard size digital panel that exhibits several indicators to work with and there is a flip shield that covers the panel and protects it from all sorts of damage.

So that’s a plus point. The plasma cutter shows a high-frequency arc that causes excessive disturbances when working with other electronic devices. But on the other hand, this feature improves the quality of life of the consumables. The yeswelder works best with a 240V adapter.



  • The handle of the cutter is made with aluminum
  • There is an inside air filter
  • Several spare parts come with the machine
  • The torch has a connection of 13 feet


  • To make heavy cuts you need external air
  • This is not compatible with the CNC table so another alternative needed 3
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3.       Titanium 45A plasma cutter

TITANIUM Tool Bundle



Titanium 45A plasma cutter is another remarkable plasma cutter that is affordable with compact size and structure. The machine has a weight of only 21 pounds which makes it pretty easy to carry around the place you are working at. The plasma cutter comes with a 12 feet long torch, another factor making it much easier to carry the machine or work with long complex projects. The machine has both an in-built air filter and regulator making it versatile and easy to work with.

The grounding clamps that are associated with it are though not of very good quality but they are easily accessible and replaceable with other clamps. Not to forget the machine has a bright and standard size digital panel that is also protected with a flip-up. The machine works well with 240V making it easier to cut thick steels or metal of thick consistency.


  • Has an in-built regulator plus a copper air filter
  • The machine is lightweight and easy to work with
  • The panel is bright and the instructions are easily read
  • Comes with a torch standoff


  • The torch parts are not easily found in the market
  • The clamps are of poor quality
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4.        Primeweld plasma cutter

Plasma cutter machine See more about the product by clicking here

Primeweld plasma cutter is another great machine that is affordable and makes the perfect smooth cuts. With high power, the plasma cutter using 60amp can cut through 7 to 8-inch thick steel as well. The lowest amp used is 20amp. The machine comes with a 3 pole 240 power cord with an adapter to work efficiently. The plasma cutter is computer-controlled which makes it compatible to use with CNC tables as well.

We all know with high-frequency arc disturbances are generated with electronic devices thus the plasma cutter has a 20 foot blowback torch with the help of which air pressure is created once the arc is about to be formed. Prime weld also has a continuous pilot arc that allows it to work with expanding metals like honeycombs or grating.


  • The machine has a 20 feet torch connection
  • Has a 2T or 4T trigger lock with it
  • No-touch arc feature is also reported with it
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty and works with 30 days return money policy


  • The power cord of the machine is not very lengthy
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5.        Hobart airforce plasma cutter


Metal cutting machine



Hobart airforce is a very versatile and affordable plasma cutting machine. With less price remarkable features are present. Hobart airforce plasma cutter has an ergonomic style and is very lightweight making it easier to carry around. There is an in-built fan on-demand feature that removes the dust particles after cutting.

Also, there is a post airflow system that cools the air after metal cutting. Moving on the machine works best with 120V and under great efficiency, it creates the best and smooth cuts one can imagine. The plasma cutter can be used at home and your workplace as well. There is an in-built air compressor that removes the extra expense and no-touch arc makes the working capacity more profound.


  • The machine is lightweight and portable
  • There is post cool fan option to cool the air after cutting
  • No-touch arc reported for great cuts as well
  • comes with five-year warranty and 30 days return money policy


  • With low air pressure, the cutting efficiency is disturbed
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Buying guide

Before buying a perfect standard quality plasma cutter there are a few options that must be considered and then purchase must be done.

  • Lightweight

The plasma cutter must be lightweight and easy to carry around the workplace. A much heavier machine may hinder the working capacity therefore a lightweight plasma machine with a lengthy torch is a suitable option to go for.

  • Air compressors

Another option that has become an important part of every plasma cutter is to have an in-built air compressor within the expense of buying a separate air compressor makes things tricky. The main purpose of the air compressor is to generate a smooth cut by blowing the liquefied metal out. So go for a plasma cutter with an in-built air compressor.

  • Airflow adjustments

Nowadays the new types of plasma cutters have the potential to generate airflow soon after cutting the metal. The airflow generated keeps the surrounding air cool and neat and reduces the surrounding temperature air by giving out cool air all around. So go for the plasma cutter that has this feature.

  • Arc starting types

There are two types to consider. The first one contacts and the other is frequency. With high-frequency arc, when used with other electronic devices creates disturbances and puts a lot of interference but with contact arc, things are opposite with no interferences created.


Q1. Does post airflow in the plasma cutter help?

Yes, it does. The post-airflow keeps the surrounding air cooler as the cutting process works under high temperature due to which a lot of heat is generated thus post airflow is important to keep the airflow cool.

Q2. Difference between contact arc and high-frequency arc?

With contact arc the interferences with other electronic devices are low to none but when high-frequency arc works with electronic devices the potential of interference and disturbances is higher than normal. But high frequency improves the life of consumables of plasma cutters.

Q3. Can we find affordable plasma cutters?

Well, plasma cutters are accessible and available in all price ranges. Several plasma cutters fall under the budget of 1000 dollars or even less.


Welding has become an important part of the model construction areas therefore a standard and good quality plasma cutter has become an important choice for the users. The buying guide will help the users to purchase a good plasma cutter according to needs.