Plasma Cutter – AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s Budget

Plasma Cutter –  AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s – Budget

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A better guide about the all-time known herocut 35i plasma cutter

We all are well aware of advancing new technologies that are being created and used in this modern era. And plasma cutting is one of the examples as it is an extremely essential and economical process that despite being working or cutting materials with harsh or hot temperatures keeps the surfaces of the materials cool and prevents all sorts of damage. This process is used for cutting metals like stainless steel or aluminum, all these materials being good conductors of electricity. With the selection of the best plasma cutters, we can make the best use out of it at home and over the construction areas or sites. There are several different types of plasma cutters present in the market Example: Herocut 35i plasma cutter

. The selection depends entirely on the user’s needs and demands.

 What is plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting being an economical process works over a simple key procedure. Plasma cutting using as high a temperature as 20,000 degrees expels ionized gas which is used for cutting materials like aluminum, steel, or brass. This process creates an arc that collides with both the cathode and anode used in the procedure. The arc of plasma created has the potential to cut the strongest of the metals that are referred to as good conductors of electricity. This process is far better than the previously used oxyacetylene process for cutting materials over construction sites.

Plasma cutter machines


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Herocut 35i has the potential to approve all the needs a user seeks in every plasma cutter such as consistency, power, and cutting speed. And has herocut ticks all these features, fortunately. Herocut 35i exhibits a lot of great and essential features. It is a highly safe and portable plasma machine with the ability to work over dual voltage. The plasma cutter has an in-built inverter in it and it is both a no-touch and non-HF machine. So this overall ranks it among a top standard plasma cutter.

Well, plasma cutters are used both at workplaces and at home inside the house garage. And this plasma cutter is lightweight and highly portable which means you can use it in a workplace where you tend to move the machine with all your movements. The herocut 35i plasma cutter exhibits high speed and great performance.

Let’s learn about the capabilities of the herocut plasma cutter

  • Light and portable

Herocut 35i plasma cutter is an extremely compact figure and size-wise. The weight of this plasma cutter is only 16lbs which outshines it. Whether you are working inside the garage of your house or at a workplace this plasma cutter is compatible as it comes with an in-built handle which makes it easy to carry around.  

  • Smooth clean cuts

Another major factor that exhibits its ability as a powerful cutting machine is its potential to create smooth and clean cuts. The cuts are smooth and create no slag afterward. The folks who are using this 35i plasma cutter know it well how efficiently and smoothly the haircut 35i machine works with every metal they work with. The hero cut plasma cutter creates a 20mm clean-cut and that too under 70psi and also creates a severance cut of 25.

Herocut 35i plasma cutter
  •        Non-HF pilot arc

The non-hf feature serves two great abilities. Firstly as it is non-hf it means it has low to medium frequency. Well, plasma cutters with high frequency when used with other electrical devices have the potential to create a lot of interference and may damage the appliances as well. Secondly, with the non-hf feature, the machine does not need to touch the material to cut it. So that further adds to the long life of the machine. So these features add to the credibility of the plasma cutter.

  • Solid and powerful

The machine works over dual voltage and has an input power of 110 to 200V and you can easily change accordingly. The current can range between 20 to 50 A. The feature that makes it powerful is its ability to cut all strong and good conductors of electricity such as aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel. The machine with compatible features also provides users with a torch length of approximately 5 meters.

Cons reported so far

  • the packaging of the consumables is not at all satisfactory

Buying guide

To make the perfect choice while opting for good quality and efficient plasma cutters make sure you are well aware of the following important points to consider. Well, let’s have a look at the following points that prove to be important for buyers.

  • The environment you are preferably working under

When we talk about the vicinity we are not involving or pointing towards the humidity or rising temperature of the air but in fact, the environment refers to the so-called air under which we wish to use the plasma cutter.

 When the air is clean the plasma cutter works at a good speed and rate however when we are using the plasma cutter around a construction site with dust and debris particles all over then we must expect the plasma cutter to get clogged with debris. In this case, we need to opt for a plasma cutter that has an in-built fan in it to remove the particles.

  • Duty cycle

Another important aspect to consider while buying a plasma cutter is to determine the duty cycle. In this case, there are two scenarios to look forward to. If we are using a plasma cutter for a shorter time frame but frequently the plasma cutter must have high amperage output which in return means a high duty cycle to work well.

In other cases, if we are using a plasma cutter for a longer time frame then the choice of selection depends on the thickness of the metal or material we wish to work with.

  • Cutting speed and quality

The cutting speed and quality of the plasma cutter work parallel to one another. There are three basic points to look forward to while looking for the cutting speed of the plasma cutter. To produce a smooth and clean cut with light to medium thickness materials it is best to work with rated speeds. But with thick materials, it is ideal to work with a quality cut to achieve the desired results. And with extremely heavy and thick metal materials the best type is severe cut as it works at a slower rate as compared to others above but produces a clean cut.

  • Air supply

Well, the next important factor to determine is the type of air we need for our plasma cutters. With portable plasma cutters normal air or the use of nitrogen in bottles is a very common scenario but with high portability and to work with heavy materials in-built air compressors within the plasma are an ideal piece of choice for the users.

  • Control panel

Every plasma cutter comes with a single yet solid panel with several indicators attached to it. But as a beginner, it becomes pretty challenging to operate these indicators well so in this case use of a manual that comes with every plasma cutter is a great option. The manual is well-written and gives every information and detail regarding how to use the panel and how to work with it easily both as a professional and as a beginner.

  • Built-in inverter availability

When we are using plasma cutters at certain places where the source of the outlet is not available then a plasma cutter with an in-built inverter is a great option as it can convert DC and can use a high frequency of electricity. The normal range is 10 kHz to 200 kHz.


Q1.What are the gases with which plasma cutters can work?

A plasma cutter can work with normal air, nitrogen, and argon but apart from there are mixtures that you can work with too. There are also dual gas or multi gases that work compatible with plasma cutters and the materials or metal selected.

Q2. What sort can be cut with the appliance?

Plasma cutters work well with metals that are electrically conductive or in easy words good conductors of electricity such as aluminum or stainless steel.

Q3. Anything related to plasma cutting of aluminum

While working with aluminum the selection of gas such as pure air or nitrogen is an excellent choice or a mixture of both. But oxidation is one common error reported with aluminum cutting but with efficient cutting and use of several advanced technologies such issues have been or can be resolved easily.


We all are well aware now that a plasma cutter is known for or over the construction sites for installation or cutting purposes. Therefore the perfect choice or selection of this powerful machine is very important for the users. The quality matters more as compared to price and the advanced features that come along help to put less burden on the user, therefore, a little extra buck spent on this machine will prove to be beneficial in the long run.