Plasma Cutter – AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s Budget

Plasma Cutter –  AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s – Budget

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How plasma cutting is more easy in this modern era


Multi-process welders are a big thing now. Either you have the hobby of welding or you own a small-scale welding business, both ways you need a smart Multi-process welder such as a 5 in 1 plasma welder cutter to perform the process of welding. The welding process had been in talks for many years and if we talk about its present situation welding and plasma procedure are quick to act and are more precise action-wise.

The main question that pops up in our minds is what is plasma cutting? This process involves the cutting of steel, aluminum, or other sorts of metals with the aid of sizzling plasma.

Plasma cutting and modern era

As stated above, the welding process has improved over the years and it has become an extremely efficient process since it is fast and specific.

There are few things that one needs to know about plasma cutting and welding and their role in the modern era. Let’s take a look at it.

  • Fast and accurate               

For those who don’t know, plasma is a good conductor of electricity and with minimum hard work, it can easily protrude or cut metal sheets therefore it is referred to as a fast process. The cut plasma makes it clean.

Also, plasma cutting is a subtype of plasma welding which involves the use of plasma or ionized gas that helps to fuse two metals together. Well if you prefer to increase the amount of plasma discharge you can easily transform the welder into a so-called cutter.

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  • Three basic welding processes

The three basic types of welding reported are MIG, TIC, and stick welding. In the case of MIC welding called metal inert gas is the most precise and easiest process as compared to stick welding. Moving towards a more professional outlook TIC welding is considered the best.

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  • Plasma and water do not mix   

It is best to avoid the contact of water with plasma since they both hinder each other’s process. Water texture is not evitable at first but water seems to get trapped within the metal and this can prevent the plasma to act, create and tolerate a balanced arc.

 So if you ever experience splitting or cracking during the process expect water to be sustained within the compressed areas or spaces of metal.

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  • The maintenance of welders is crucial yet important

Every piece of equipment needs cleaning and evaluation and so is the case with plasma welding or plasma cutting. Well, make sure you check your gas cylinders, the electricity connectivity and evaluate the shabby out parts as well.

With thorough evaluation and cleaning one can increase the life of welders or cutters. Also, the surface area provided for welding must be smooth, moisture free and exhibit no cracking to ensure safe results. All these factors if looked into considerations can help to improve the process of welding a little more.

Are Multi-process welders Good?

If you can or have the potential to figure out some of your garage options then a multi-process welder such as a 5 in 1 welder plasma cutter can help you a great deal. The multi-process welders can carry out the following procedures such as

  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Arc
  • Plasma cutting or flux core wire

Well if a welder can perform the above processes it does not classically categorize it as a multi-process welder. Here’s an example to help you understand. With MIG welders you can carry flux core process. And this too is a standard procedure.

All you need to know about 5 in 1 welder plasma cutter

Instead of buying five separate machines to do the welding process, you can opt for a 5 in 1 Digital AC/DC plasma cutter. If you compare this hefty-duty plasma cutter with an oxyacetylene cutter you can notice a remarkable change only after a few cuts.

Though it is a multi-process it is lighter on the pockets of welders. The 5 in 1 plasma welder has a torch head which is low profile and highly efficient for tight spaces.

This is the easiest of all welders to be operated as it is both AC and DC and works well with aluminum and steel. All you need to do is to turn the switch on, set up the amperage, and start welding. The welder has the potential to cut through thick materials at a much faster capacity as compared to a DC welder.

The 5 in 1 welder has a foot pedal that allows the customer to control the generated heat to provide efficient working capacity. The welder can weld or cut through all types of metals such as steel or aluminum.

The 5 in 1 welder provides the feature of Arc welding as it aids to fill the large gaps or holes with extra cast iron weld. And this welder can perform arc welding with both metals such as steel or aluminum.


  • It provides a clean-cut thickness of 0.5 inch
  • Can cut thick metals
  • Makes use of dual voltage
  • Fast to act with high speed
  • Transmits high power


  • Hard and expensive to provide a replacement for consumables

Buying guide for 5 in 1 welder plasma cutter 

Buying guides helps you understand and get to know the basic points that are needed or required while purchasing a multi-process plasma welder cutter. Below are some important points to consider.

  • Intended use

The material and the thickness related to it are the sole factors that determine this point. Well if you are using stainless steel or steel alloys you must opt for all types of welding techniques or machines but with aluminum, you can work best with TIG or MIG AC plasma welders to make your job easier.

  • The skill level and preference

Depending on individual capability one must opt for a particular welder. If you are new to the process and want to make your work easier and lighter on you, opt for the MIG plasma cutter as it is easy to handle and as a starter, it boosts your capability to work with it.

However, individuals that are experienced and professionals can opt for TIG welders as they are complicated but with little skill and patience, they become the easiest to handle.

  • Weight and portability

The overall weight of each welder can vary between 10lbs to 90lbs. The compact unit it comprises is ideal for home-based work, shipyard working, or farm work.

This is pretty evident that a much heavier machine provides a bundle of new features but as a welder look into the feature that meets your needs and working conditions.

For workshop or indoor work TIG or MIG is best to work with but for outdoor work opt for flux core or stick welders.

  • Duty cycle

This represents the time interval to which a welder works best before it starts the process of overheating. The duty cycle is represented in percentage form. With a 70% duty cycle, you can aim for 7 minutes of work and three minutes of rest. This is however just an example but always purchase the welder with a high percentage of duty cycle.

  • Affordability     

Some welders are present in many price ranges and with high prices we can expect several new options or features. So if you are ready to sell your arm and leg go for a high-budget welder otherwise a normal multi-process welder can serve you well with less price.


Q1. Can a MIG welder be used as a plasma cutter?

Yes, it is possible to use a MIG welder as a plasma cutter but with few options. Use a cutting torch for the MIG welder. However many welders don’t have a cutting torch so it is best to purchase one.

Q2. Can you weld with a plasma cutter?

The basic difference between plasma cutter and multi-process welder is that with the use of plasma cutter you can only cut but with a multi process machine you can avail yourself many options such as stick welding or TIG welding.

Q3. What does a plasma cutter use to cut?

With a plasma cutter, you can use materials that are referred to as conductive, stainless steel, or mild steel. Though other metals are conducive too such as brass, copper, or cast iron.


The 5 in 1 welder plasma cutter is a multi-process machine that can save time and energy as it provides multiple functions and can work at a much faster rate.

The buying guide listed can help you opt for the welder with accuracy and precision. It can be used by both professionals and amateurs.