Plasma Cutter – AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s Budget

Plasma Cutter –  AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s – Budget

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5 best and most sought after plasma cutters

In this new era and the world of technology things have drastically changed and improved and so is the process of welding and cutting. A standard plasma cutter does not make the job easy but provides features that can help get rid of many other tasks as well. But finding good quality and a cheap plasma cutter isn’t that easy and not to forget having a cheap plasma cutter doesn’t mean you end up with poor quality work. But this is called ingenious work to fulfill all the tasks under a cheap budget.

In this article, we have jotted down the list of 5 best and most sought after plasma cutters that are readily available in the market for users.



1.      Yeswelder cut plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutter machine


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As stated, finding a cheap plasma cutter isn’t an easy job but with little work, you can find one for work purposes. Yeswelder plasma cutting machine is affordable and available for under 500 dollars. Thus this inexpensive yeswelder cut plasma cutting machine has a compact structure and can be used at both workplaces and your home garage. The best feature of this inexpensive plasma cutting machine is its potential to cut smoothly one and a half moderate thickness steel plate.

The yeswelder cutter has no touch but a high-frequency working mechanism which increases the life of the consumables but also causes great disturbance when used parallel to electronic devices. The machine has AG60 torch longevity for efficient work. A strange feature reported with this plasma cutter is that it uses 120v with an adapter of 240V to work effectively; however the opposite works for the rest of the plasma cutters.


  • Has AG60 torch longevity
  • increases the lifespan of consumables because of no-touch high-frequency protocol
  • makes a fine smooth cut
  • inexpensive


  • Airflow is compromised because of the cheap air hose inside
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2.      Lotos plasma cutter LTP5000D

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Moving on with another cheap plasma cutter with good features is the famous Lotos plasma cutter. The brand associated with the plasma cutter is recognized and offers one year warranty for the users. The lotos plasma cutter is lighter in weight and can be used over both workplaces and at household garages. The plasma cutter works best over 50amp output hence easily cuts 5 by 8 inches of steel plate or heavy metal to be exact.

The plasma cutter works over a no-touch high-frequency pilot arc process which increases the life of the consumables but causes disturbances with electronic devices. Another excellent feature of this cheap plasma cutter is that it has an air filter, moisture separate, and pressure regulator in-built in it to increase the efficiency of work. The plasma cutter works over German PAPTS technology leading to greater efficiency work.


  • has an in-built air filter, moisture separator, and pressure regulator
  • the torch or cord is extended up to 13 inches  
  • one year warranty  


  • the clamping are of cheap quality hence compromising the standard
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3.      Forney’s 20P plasma cutter

Metal cutting machine


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We all know how Forney’s brand has improved and is creating plasma cutters for the last 90 years. This means they are in service for the last 90 years hence their work efficacy and user experience are up to the mark. The plasma cutter from Forney’s is considerably inexpensive and comes with additional features. The plasma cutter is lightweight, only 20 pounds, and can be used over both workshops and at household garages. Most importantly it is commonly used over industrial construction sites.

Using 20 amp output the plasma cutter can cut one by four inches of steel plate. The plasma cutting machine is highly portable and comes with 13 inches long cord that can be extended to perform complex work procedures. The company provides a one year warranty and listens to the complaints of every user.


  • Is used commonly at industrial construction sites
  • has the potential to cut one by four inches of steel, making fine cuts
  • It has a 13 inches long cord
  • It is also generator friendly
  • Comes with one year warranty and has the best user experience


  • It works or uses only 120 volts of energy which is not a lot
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4.      Primeweld plasma cutter

Plasma cutter machine



Primeweld is another cheap yet amazing plasma cutting machine that has never failed to provide satisfactory results to its users. The features it provides are effective to perform the process of cutting over metals. The plasma cutter has a wide cutting range and with 50amp it can cut one and half steel. And the cut is smooth and neat enough. The plasma cutter performs or works over dual voltage and comes with a 120V adapter to speed up the work.

It works over drag arc protocol which means you touch the metal surface, wait a few seconds and then drag continues to cut the metal precisely. Also, the length of the torch is 12.5 feet long to help you tick off complex works. The plasma cutter works over high frequency which means it increases the life of consumables but causes disturbances with CNC plasma digital appliances.


  • Works over dual voltage
  • Works with the process of drag arc
  • makes fine and smooth cuts over metal
  • The brand offers 3 years of great warranty to the users


  • No-touch high frequency arc causes disturbances with digital appliances
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5.      Super deal DC inverter plasma cutter


Metal cutting machine


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Super deal Dc inverter is another astounding offer to all the users who are professionals in welding or cutting or it can be used by the individuals who are working in their home garages to fix things. The super deal plasma cutter comes with an air filter and pressure regulator to ease things and works over the lift arc starting process to provide great work efficiency. The super deal plasma cutter works over dual voltage 120/240 Volts. The plasma cutter has a bright and wide plasma digital LED light screen to help work with indicators.

The length of the torch cord is 11 feet long, a little shorter but can be used to complete complex work. The consumables are of good quality and are easily available. Not to forget the weight of the plasma cutter is very lightweight, ranging only 24 pounds. The machine comes with one year warranty and 30 days money-back protocol.


  • It provides post flow adjustment cooling
  • The LED bright is wide
  • The duty cycle is 60% providing great efficacy at cutting


  • The customer service is poor and the manual is badly written
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Buying guide

Before opting for a standard plasma cutter it is best to purchase the one that has a few considerations or features listed below.

Power level requirements The plasma cutters work best over 120 or 240 Volts but the power rating may express them as 110 volts or 115 volts. But ideally, the plasma cutters work best over dual voltage and that’s the best to work with.

  • Metal thickness and type 

Another feature to look into is the power and its correlation with metal thickness and the type we are using. The cheap plasma cutters work best when we are cutting thin steel metal and in this case, we can work well with 120Volts of energy and not 50amp output power. For more heavy-duty work the power required to work best is 240Volts. Also while working with materials like aluminum or copper high power is required to cut them however with other ferrous materials less power like a cheap plasma cutter is required.

  • Duty cycle 

Another important point to consider is the duty cycle. There are two points to consider. Well if you are working with a plasma cutter for short intervals but continuously you need high amperage which further means high output.

However, if you are working with a plasma cutter that is used for a longer period then the choice of plasma cutter depends on the thickness of the materials.


Q1. Are there any cheap plasma cutters? 

Yes, it is easy to find cheap plasma cutters and that too under 500 dollars such as prime weld plasma cutter or Forney’s plasma cutter.

Q2. Can a plasma cutter cut wood?

Plasma cutters are widely used for cutting metals that are good conductors of electricity such as copper or aluminum therefore wood is not a conductor of electricity so plasma cutters cannot be used.

Q3. What is the effectiveness of torch length?

The length of the torch or cord must range within 12 to 15 inches as it is suitable to complete all the complex work processes inside the workshops or home garages.



Cheap plasma cutters under 500 dollars are readily accessible in the market. Despite the low price the features are well standard and are used for increasing the efficacy of the plasma cutters.