Plasma Cutter – AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s Budget

Plasma Cutter –  AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s – Budget

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Hobart – 500575 AirForce 27i

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Last updated on: 30/11/2023 10:06
Plasma Cutter,
Output Range15A
Item Weight19 pounds
Package Dimensions22.5 x 12.25 x 10 inches
Non-Touch Pilot
Air Compressor


  • Up to 30 amp output
  • Max cut 3/8-inch steel plate
  • Internal air filter
  • 12 foot torch lead
  • Built-in regulator
  • Drag torch arc start
  • Postflow air cooling after cuts
  • Ergonomic torch design
  • 5 year power supply warranty


  • No torch standoff shield ,Torch starts aren’t no-touch

  • Dual-voltage capability with MVP (multi-voltage plug)- allows you to connect to common 120 or 240 V power receptacles without the use of any tools – simply choose the plug that fits the receptacle.
  • XT30R torch- Designed for increased comfort with an ergonomic trigger safety, more efficient cooling and economical replacement cutting tips
  • Fan-on-demand- cooling system operates only when needed reducing power consumption and contaminants drawn into the machine.
  • Power factor correction (PFC) circuitry – Draws up to 30% less amperage for the same cutting range as compared to the competition. PFC expands operators work area via extension cord, while minimizing nuisance circuit breaker trips caused by voltage drops.
  • Postflow cooling circuit – Extends life of consumables and torch by cooling them with postflow air after trigger is released.

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Last updated on: 30/11/2023 10:06