Plasma Cutter – AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s Budget

Plasma Cutter –  AMERICAN PORTAL – A Prices For Everyone’s – Budget

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HZXVOGEN Model: HBC6000Pro

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Plasma Cutter
Output Range40AMP
Item Weight‎36.9 pounds
Package Dimensions‎18.9 x 16.3 x 15.4 inches
Non-Touch Pilot
Air Compressor

HZXVOGEN HBC6000Pro is intended for welding and can cut carbon steel and alloy steel, aluminum, and its alloys, brass, copper, and iron. The HZXVOGEN HBC6000Pro is the greatest plasma cutting machine. In addition to that, it is a piece of welding equipment that can be used for manual and electric MMA welding of steel as well as other types of weldable metals and alloys. The fact that it is also capable of welding aluminum sets it apart from other types of MIG welders.

The equipment has several applications, including the manufacturing process, the workshop, various maintenance tasks, and even scrap welding.

The HZXVOGEN HBC6000Pro makes use of the most recent technology and IGBT transistors, both of which have the potential to lessen the impact of electromagnetic interference, cut down on power loss, boost the efficiency and dependability of power supplies, and cut down on power consumption.

Important Aspects.

THE MOST ADVANCED MULTIFUNCTIONAL WELDER – HZXVOGEN HBC6000Pro is equipped with a more expansive LCD display, and it has a smart control. You may choose the desired welding mode, material, welding wires, tungsten rods, electrode, and workpiece thickness by spinning and pushing the buttons on the control panel. This makes the process very simple and hassle-free. It will display each and every parameter very clearly.


This welder is capable of welding a variety of metals, including aluminum, iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, and others. This MIG welder comes with high-quality equipment, including an MB15 MIG gun, a 1.5-meter earth clamp, a 1.8-meter electrode holder, a 1.0-millimeter, 1-kilogram flux-cored wire, and an American plug. This welder has a handle that makes it simple to carry it, a small design, and an easy time translating and storing it.


MIG FUNCTION – 1. MIX GAS may employ flux wire with diameters of 0.6, 0.8, 0.9, or 1.0 mm. It is possible to weld thicknesses ranging from 0.7 to 3.4 mm when utilizing wire measuring 0.6, 0.8, or 0.9 mm. It is possible to weld thicknesses ranging from 1.2 to 6.4 mm when using wire measuring 1.0 mm. 2. The wire gauge for GAS (CO2) may be either 0.8 or 1.0 mm. While using a wire of 0.8 millimeters, it can weld a thickness of 0.9 to 4.8 millimeters; when using a wire of 1.0 millimeters, it can weld a thickness of 1.2 to 6.4 millimeters.


TIG FUNCTION – Tungsten diameters of 1.6mm and 2.4mm may be used. While using 1.6mm tungsten, you can weld thicknesses between 0.7 and 4.8mm; when using 2.4mm tungsten, you can weld thicknesses between 1.2 and 6.4mm.


MMA FUNCTION: Current ranges from 10 to 170 amps Ability to weld 2.5mm, 3.2mm, and 4.0mm electrodes. Welding a thickness of 1.6–3.4mm is possible when using rods measuring 2.5 or 3.2 millimeters. You can weld thicknesses ranging from 3.4mm to 8.0mm if you use rods measuring 4.0mm.

  • READY TO CUT PLASMA CUTTER – HZXVOGEN HBC6000Pro plasma cutter equipped with built-in air compressor, do not need to install air compressor regulator. You literally just need your plasma cutter and a power source to start cutting. This makes doing jobs out in the field incredibly easy
  • PERFECT CLEAN FINISH, SAVE TIME AND MATERIAL – Severance cut thickness* ≤ 1/2″(12mm), ideal cut thickness ≤ 2/5″(10mm). It is hard to find a plasma cutter have gas delay function, but our HBC6000Pro plasma cutter does. With this function, it will bring even cuts, little deformation and little slag. Do not need to grind too much after cutting
  • TWO EXTERNAL AIR FILTERS, LONGER SERVICES TIIME – The two air filters of HBC6000Pro plasma cutter are to make the compressor air clean, keep dust outside the machine, and reduce noise. Most of the plasma cutter equipped air filter inside the machine, but ours are external, which protect electronic components being damaged by high temperature
  • AIR SWITCH PROVIDES COMPREHENSIVE PROETCTION – Most of plasma cutters are equipped with rocker switch which can withstand lower current and does not have leakage protection. Our plasma cutter came with high-power air switch which can withstand higher current and power off automatically when short-circuit or leakage to protect you, machine and your power system
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – HZXVOGEN offers good after-sales service. If the machine can not work or have other problem when working, please contact us at the first time. We have agent in the United States and our 24 x 7 friendly customer support team is always ready to help

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